In the Season Five premiere, Oz re-opens in the wake of the damaging gas explosion. Rev. Cloutier (Luke Perry)—who had been bricked up behind a wall—barely survives the blast. Meanwhile, Arif wants O'Reily blamed for O'Keenan's death, but O'Reily has other plans in mind. The first visitor bus to arrive since the renovations runs into trouble on the highway.
Augustus Hill talking to Burr Reading
McManus thinks White may reform if he spends time with Said.
Brass wants to know who cut his tendon; Redding and Morales form another uneasy alliance.
Kareem Said and two Muslims
Penders, Hill and Alvarez are given a chance to train seeing-eye dogs.
Miguel Alvarez
In this episode directed by Terry Kinney, Robson stirs up problems between White and Said.
Agustus Hill recovers in clinic
As Cyril's trial gets off to an inauspiciously cold start, tensions between Mukada and Kirk come to a boil.
Vern and other Brotherhood members pool
Hill's recovery leads to renewed friction between Redding and Morales.
Ryan O'Reily
In the Season Five finale, Robson goes to extremes to remedy his gum dilemma, while McManus struggles with personal turmoil.
Augustus Hill

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