One Tour with Asperger's Are Us Documentary Series HBOOne Tour with Asperger's Are Us Documentary Series HBO

From executive producers Mark and Jay Duplass (Room 104, Togetherness), On Tour With Asperger’s Are Us is a six-part, half-hour documentary series that follows Asperger’s Are Us, a four-man comedy troupe of friends with Asperger syndrome, as they set out on their most ambitious tour yet. Members Noah Britton, Ethan Finlan, Jack Hanke and New Michael Ingemi hit the road for a six-week, multi-city journey from Boston to Los Angeles, sharing their unique perspectives on life as an “Aspie” and the community they’ve found in performing together.

Traveling and living together on the road, the foursome weathers highs and lows, playing for alternately enthusiastic audiences and nearly empty houses, dealing with group tensions and a run-down RV that often leaves them stranded. Upending misconceptions about both autism-spectrum disorders and traditional comedy, this intimate and humorous docuseries is an underdog story that features a group of talented and funny performers who embrace their shared challenges while working toward one overarching goal: to make people laugh.