HBO Films

My Zinc Bed


Adapted from the bewitching play by Academy Award®-winning writer David Hare ("The Hours") My Zinc Bed is an intimate portrait of three characters with radically different outlooks on how to treat the addiction, and accompanying passion, that inflicts two of them. The film centers on Paul (Paddy Considine), a poet and freelance writer whose AA approach to staying sober is constantly challenged by temptation and a hot temper; older billionaire businessman Victor (Jonathan Pryce), a onetime communist who befriends and employs Paul, then throws up a series of temptations that alter Paul's chosen course of treatment; and Victor's beautiful young Danish wife Elsa (Uma Thurman), herself a recovering alcoholic who forgoes AA in favor of her husband's mind-over-matter philosophy, an approach that allows her to imbibe more or less freely. The story builds in intensity over the course of a single summer in London, as Paul and Elsa become romantically involved while Victor plays a cat-and-mouse game that tests the limits of their abilities to keep their secret and avoid destructive binge drinking. Through several emotional scenes at Victor's office and home, the characters clash and challenge each other's beliefs as they grapple with their own inner demons. With wit, drama and pathos, My Zinc Bed explores themes of faith, friendship and fidelity with a deep emotional resonance that heightens the story from beginning to end.