He was one of the most powerful men in America for nearly 50 years. He served under eight presidents, who alternately feared and relied upon him. To the public, his very name was synonymous with law and order, yet his private life was shrouded in mystery. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as J. Edgar Hoover, who ruled the FBI with an iron-fist from the 1920s to the '70s, resorting to blackmail, smear campaigns and any other means he deemed necessary to protect the country he loved. Clint Eastwood directed this intimate, "masterful" (Roger Ebert) portrait of a man who kept secret files on virtually every prominent figure of the 20th century, while carefully keeping his own secrets hidden from the world.

Co-starring Naomi Watts, Armie Hammer, Josh Lucas and Judi Dench. Directed by Clint Eastwood; written by Dustin Lance Black.

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