The Fahrenheit Cast Shares Their Must-Read Books

By Eleanor Laurence

Michael B. Jordan, Sofia Boutella and fellow Fahrenheit 451 cast members select the books they’d save from the flames.


In the HBO Film adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s classic dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451, books are burned and information is under government control. During the red carpet premiere, the stars and director answered a “burning question”: If you had to choose, what’s the one book you’d save from the fire?

The list spans the gamut of literary works, but one thing is clear. The Fahrenheit 451 cast knows the value of a good read.


The star of Fahrenheit 451 (playing golden boy Guy Montag), Michael B. Jordan explained he couldn’t narrow his choice down to a single book: “One is from my childhood and one is for my more intellectual side.” He added, “Whenever I feel stressed, or get overwhelmed or have something going on, The Alchemist is a book I can constantly go back to and pull something from to help me through hard times. I always like to have it around.”


The film director selected Crime and Punishment, but stipulated, “It’s a very hard decision.”


The YouTube star and actor behind Fahrenheit 451’s news reporter revealed: “I would save my favorite book. This is very selfish of me, but it would be Confessions of a Shopaholic.” Singh explained her attachment, stating, “Growing up, I loved that series. It made me so happy. It’s comedic gold. [Laughs] I think humanity would really benefit from Confessions of a Shopaholic.”


After mulling it over, the actor who brings to life the complex Fire Captain Beatty responded, “You ask the hard questions. The Bible, I guess.”


Like her co-star Jordan, Boutella selected two cherished books to save from the fire: “One belongs to my childhood, The Little Prince, which I love. I think it’s relatable to both children and adults. The writing is just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read.” Her second was Notes from Underground. Boutella explained, “I was not familiar with Dostoevsky’s writing before [Fahrenheit 451 director] Ramin gave me the book during filming.” The book plays a pivotal role in the movie, and according to the actor she, “fell in love with it.”

When asked about her “guilty pleasure” read, Boutella had an insightful reply: “Even if I don’t appreciate something from my point of view, I’m interested in all sorts of writing. That’s what Fahrenheit 451 promotes, both as a movie and a book: all this knowledge is out there, and it will help shape your personality and who you are as an individual.”

From Dostoevsky to Saga to Confessions of a Shopaholic, the Fahrenheit 451 cast has quite an eclectic reading list.