Michael B. Jordan and Fahrenheit Cast Light Up the Red Carpet


Fahrenheit 451's cast and director Ramin Bahrani celebrated the movie premiere in New York, taking time to reflect on the story's dystopian timeliness.


The Fahrenheit 451 cast faced a familiar prop at the film’s New York premiere: a fire engine. The massive vehicle traveled from the film’s set in Toronto to deck the carpet and set the tone for the evening’s festivities.

Information access and the value of literature were among the night’s hot topics, as stars Michael B. Jordan, Michael Shannon and Sofia Boutella along with director Ramin Bahrani weighed in on the films’ eerily relevant themes in our modern digital age.

f451-premiere-article-01Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is fired up about censorship.

“The physical image of burning books gives you the chills,” recalled the actor about filming. He added, “You create this alternate America where you’re burning books and controlling information. The thing is we’re almost living in that today. It motivates me to do these types of projects, which get people to actually start to pay attention.”

f451-premiere-article-02Lilly Singh

Beware of social media.

“The control of information is such a relevant narrative in today’s world,” said Lilly Singh, about how social media has reshaped our thoughts. “Everyone’s opinions become facts.”

Sofia Boutella cautioned, “What’s important is realizing the things we’re putting aside because of social media, such as literature and art.” She summed up a central theme of the movie: “Knowledge is out there. It will help shape your personality and who you are as an individual.”

f451-premiere-article-06Ramin Bahrani

Question “truth.”

Director Ramin Bahrani, who first read Ray Bradbury’s eponymous novel in the ninth grade, reflected on its foresight: “Whatever you read on the internet, you don’t necessarily believe. No one knows what is true, fact, fiction.”

Beyond the dystopian politics, Fahrenheit 451 is a story for everyone.

For Michael Shannon, the movie is “all about trying to find your place in the world," acknowledging, “It’s hard to find.”

f451-premiere-article-05Fans at the entrance to the red carpet.