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HBO: Empire Falls: Cast and Crew


Ed Harris Miles Roby in tan jacket

as Miles Roby

Philip Seymour Hoffman C.B. Whiting/Charlie Mayne in beach

as C.B. Whiting/Charlie Mayne

Helen Hunt Janine Roby pink shirt

as Janine Roby

Paul Newman Max Roby at bar

as Max Roby

Robin Wright Penn Grace Roby speaking

as Grace Roby

Aidan Quinn David Roby in diner

as David Roby

Joanne Woodward Francine Whiting smiling outdoors

as Francine Whiting

Kate Burton Cindy Whiting looking up

as Cindy Whiting

Jeffery DeMunn Horace sitting at bar

as Horace

Dennis Farina Walt Comeau cream jacket

as Walt Comeau

William Fichtner Jimmy Minty next to police car

as Jimmy Minty

Estelle Parsons Bea on phone in bar

as Bea

Theresa Russell Charlene looking up

as Charlene

Danielle Panabaker Tick Roby smiling plaid shirt

as Tick Roby


Paul Newman

Executive Producer

Scott Steindorff

Executive Producer

Fred Schepisi

Executive Producer, Director

Marc Platt

Executive Producer

Richard Russo


Evyen J Klean

Music Supervisor

Paul Grabowsky


Kate Williams


Stuart Wurtzel

Production Designer

Ian Baker

Director of Photography

Empire Falls

HBO Films