Steven Soderbergh?s Murder Mystery Changes the Future of Storytelling

Steven Soderbergh?s Mosaic, which will air on HBO on January 22, is an app that allows users to choose their path through the story. As a story, Mosaic is a classic murder mystery. As a medium for entertainment, it?s like nothing you?ve ever seen before.

Here?s what people are saying:

WIRED magazine?s Angela Watercutter sees Mosaic as an ?ambitious experiment, but in the hands of Soderbergh, it?s one that looks as slick as anything you?re likely to catch on cable this month.?

The Boston Globe says the app marks a paradigm shift in the way we watch entertainment. Critic Michael Andor Brodeur notes, ?The most forward-thinking experiment I?ve encountered in TV comes via an app.?

In an interview with Soderbergh, Casey Newton from The Verge finds a connection between the narrative structure of Mosaic and our contemporary political culture: ? a time when unreliable narrators and questions about authenticity dominate the national news, Soderbergh says he does hope the interactive experience gives viewers an opportunity to reflect on the holes in their own perspective.?

TechCrunch?s Josh Constine sees Mosaic as part of a new and necessary frontier in video entertainment: ?If television and film are going to keep up with the worlds of web video and gaming, they?ll need to evolve beyond the strict broadcast format. When you have a hand in how the story plays out, you feel more emotionally tied to the outcome.?

CNET?s Patrick Holland puts it succinctly, ?Mosaic is part of a new wave of interactive content driven by technology and creativity.?

Download the free Mosaic app in the App Store or Google Play and begin the story.