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Journey into Lovecraft Country: A "Seed-and-Screen" Influencer Campaign

Ahead of the premiere of the highly anticipated series Lovecraft Country, our HBO marketing team assembled a cohort of influencers – including “Blerds” and social justice advocates – for an exclusive, early journey into the world of the show. We wanted to capitalize on the road trip storyline within the show and went wide in our outreach to ensure we connected with influencers across online tribes and across the country to kickstart the show’s now-flourishing fan base.

In preparation for their own adventure, each “traveler” (e.g. influencer) received a package filled with a carefully curated supply of goods sourced from Black-owned vendors across the country and inspired by the series. Each item had a story of its own, but all came together to help tell Lovecraft’s story.

We then invited travelers to watch an exclusive, advanced virtual screening of the Lovecraft Country premiere. A custom, thematically-designed screening site was created, complete with pre-show trivia -- which gave viewers a taste of some of the historical and cultural references made throughout the series -- as well as a post-show suite of downloadable social content that could be shared to spread the word. In addition to their own invite, we provided each traveler with two unique URLs, allowing them to bring two friends along for the ride for a virtual co-viewing experience – a special, communal treat in times of COVID-19 when gathering as a community has been deeply missed and much needed.

In all, HBO sent nearly 250 kits to our engaged cohort of influencers, tastemakers, and fans throughout the course of the campaign. They shared their love for their “traveler packs” and the screening experience widely across social media, resulting in more than 1,000 posts, 136,000 engagements and a total reach of 35 million.