Phyllis hugs Mr. DoggyPhyllis hugs Mr. Doggy

Episode 5

*Emily gets processed at a Pittsburgh police station

*Linda Flint talks to Steven about when his essay is due

*Mark and Tom horse around in the men's locker room

*Vicky tries to escape boot camp

*Ellie Grace prepares for a tonsillectomy

*The team at Starbucks talks about expanding

*Senator David White holds a press conference with his loyal wife by his side

*Steve and Wendy Ashby meet Steve and Wendy Ashby

*Darren asks Linda about getting an extension on his dissertation

*Lou takes Andy to see the lions at the zoo

*Phyllis takes Mr. Doggy on another walk through town

*Bubbles makes a surprise appearance at dinner

*Sebastian passes notes to President Steele at the United Nations