Episode 7

Warwick tries to reach Amy to apologize for his behavior at his housewarming party, but she won't return his calls. It looks like he won't be staying at the new apartment much longer, as well, because the final terms of his divorce will leave him even more broke than he is already. Warwick visits Ricky and Stephen to literally beg for money ("Just five grand to live on?"), and then ends up inviting himself to a £300-per-plate charity dinner as an opportunity for "networking." By the end of the night, he manages to spend another £8,000 he doesn't have before getting dragged out of the party for insulting Sting.

An attempt to move into his office fails, when the landlord catches him carting in all his belongings. With no other option, Warwick moves in with his assistant Cheryl and her parents. He then signs his divorce papers, and all the money he receives from the sale of his portion of the house goes to the tax service to eliminate his debt. That night, as he lies bundled in a dresser drawer in the cluttered extra room of Cheryl's house, Warwick is filled with regret. But then the phone rings - it's Amy, who has decided to forgive him one more time.