Warwick lawyerWarwick lawyer

Episode 4

Warwick goes apartment-hunting with his assistant Cheryl, who immediately gives the real estate agent the impression that Warwick is some kind of sexual predator. She then manages to lock her boss in the bathroom, where he can't reach the door handle to escape. Afterward, Warwick attends a meeting with Susan and her divorce lawyer, Ian Wold, and when he later finds the solicitor at Susan's home, he begins to suspect something is going on. Even more insulting, Ian has never heard of ‘Willow.'

Warwick drops in on Ricky and Stephen to seek advice on the situation, and their attempts to brush him off are interrupted by a Skype call with Steve Carell. Ricky wants the actor to do a few guest spots on ‘The Office' so the network will pick the show up for two more seasons. The conversation goes well, and after Ricky hangs up he quips, "It makes me laugh a bit, that's he's a household name because of the show, and now I have to beg him to do the odd guest spot. He should be begging me. Luckiest f**king actor in the world." But Steve is still on the line, and he's not amused.

At a meeting of the Society of People of Short Stature, the chairman Anthony is concerned that Warwick's business of paying dwarfs to work as human bowling balls is at conflict with the Society's aims. Warwick disagrees and suggests it's time for some new blood, challenging the chairman to a runoff for his position. The next week - despite Warwick's arranging a casual appearance by international performing artists Right Said Fred - he loses the election by a landslide.