Episode 3

Warwick and Cheryl admire his new personal website - until they start reading some of the abusive comments that various visitors have left behind. Warwick visits Ricky and Stephen to ask them for a blurb, which they're somewhat hesitant to provide. Eventually the producers settle on: "We've worked with some of the greatest actors on the planet. And Warwick Davis."

At a meeting of The Society of People of Short Stature (of which Warwick is vice-chairman), the actor forces his way into an interview the BBC is conducting with chairman Anthony Braden. Warwick explains that he's "more of the Martin Luther King" type, but later he finds his quotes are cut entirely from the segment. Upon returning to his agency office he finds his clients gathered, angry that he takes all the best acting jobs for himself. Warwick swears this isn't the case - and Cheryl backs him up, noting that Warwick isn't getting any work either. But when the phone rings later with an offer to work with Helena Bonham Carter, he pounces on the opportunity. Unfortunately for Warwick, the job is actually working as a stand-in for a child actor. Even worse, Helena finds his presence distasteful and distracting. "I can't have his face staring at me like that," she tells the director, who ultimately decides to conceal Warwick inside a trash bin with a smiley face drawn on it. This approach works at first, but when the actress sees Warwick peeking over the top of the bin, she becomes overstressed and leaves the set in tears. Warwick, left alone inside the trash bin, manages to tip it over and crawl free.