Warwick SegwayWarwick Segway

Episode 2

Warwick makes an appearance at a sci-fi and fantasy convention, signing headshots at £25 a pop to raise some cash. Plenty of fans are interested in the actor's ‘Star Wars' semi-fame, and one couple even asks him to attend their wedding - for a cool £500 payday. His prospects get even brighter when Johnny Depp's people call to ask him to help the actor better understand little people for his upcoming role in Tim Burton's ‘Rumpelstiltskin.' Thrilled, Warwick shows up for high-paying consultation gig but is put off by the insulting notes Depp dictates into his voice recorder: "He looks kind of like a grub coming out of an apple, seeing the world for the first time." Warwick tries to demonstrate his Hollywood cred by taking Depp to see Ricky and Stephen at their office, but it turns out that Depp is still angry about some of Ricky's comments during the Golden Globes. To get even, Depp reads some mean material to the comedian ("What's nastier than Ricky Gervais' jokes? His teeth.") before knocking over a few items and walking out.

Warwick attends the wedding, only to learn it's a 'Star Wars'-themed affair and the bride and groom want  him dressed as an Ewok. Cheryl solves the problem by emptying out the stuffing from the toy bear that her dog humps and dressing Warwick in its stinky skin. After the ceremony, as the best man gives his speech, Warwick commandeers the microphone to deliver a few off-color jokes, including one about how the groom has already gotten the bride pregnant. It goes over particularly badly because the young woman is incapable of having children. As he leaves, Warwick can't believe what a rough week he's had and contemplates getting "a proper job."