Episode 1

Warwick Davis has become one of the most prolific dwarf actors in Hollywood, appearing in the 'Star Wars' films, 'Willow,' and many more. But lately, the phone has stopped ringing and Warwick is hoping a documentary about his life will help put him back on the map. He introduces the crew to his life: the business he runs representing a handful of other dwarf actors, the house he owns that his soon-to-be-ex-wife has thrown him out of, the mountain of debt that he owes to the tax service. He meets with his accountant, whose cluelessness caused the situation in the first place, but Warwick tells the cameras he can't fire him because "he's a mate." In hopes of finding some work to help move the needle on his £250,000 tax liability, Warwick pays a visit to producers Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, whom he briefly worked with on 'Extras.' They don't have anything for him, but he does get to talk with Liam Neeson when the actor stops by to pitch a stand-up comedy act based on a list of vague comedy terms like "improv, funny monologues and parody ..." To show the producers his skills, Liam begins an improv act with Ricky, but each time the exchange ends with the actor contracting AIDS, which Stephen suggests might be "a really heavy subject for comedy." After Ricky assures Liam that his act will kill, Warwick leaves the strange meeting and returns home to pack a suitcase and find a new place to live.