Esme & Roy Alexa Skill

In an effort to encourage children to engage in more imaginative play HBO and Sesame Workshop launched the Esme & Roy Amazon Alexa skill — HBO’s first foray into interactive kids content. The skill incorporates the original voice actors, closely linking it to the lauded animated series. The characters Esme and Roy guide kids and the young at heart through a series of interactive pretend play adventures from the moon to a hot air balloon, encouraging them to move their bodies and use their imaginations to join the fun. Creative play and mindfulness being tenets of the series, the skill features interactive elements which encourage calming techniques, including belly breathing and self-talk.

At any point in the skill, kids can request one of five adventures or play one-off pieces of content like the Calm Down Song or the Monster Shimmy. Depending upon where in the game a user makes this request — for example, the middle of an adventure, or outside the skill entirely — the skill will transition differently (and mindfully) to the next piece of content. The skill also features artful error paths which ensure that the current Alexa platform limitations never interrupt the fun. Additionally, “earcons," or sound cues, help kids understand when it’s their turn to speak, and magical moments where kids are prompted to answer open-ended questions like, "What color is your scuba suit?" get custom responses based upon the answers. The skill features over two hours of unique gameplay in the interactive play journeys, and encourages children to use their imaginations, expand their minds and seek out mindful moments when needed.

  1. 1

    Follow instructions for setting up your device here.

  2. 2

    To enable the skill, say, “Alexa, open Esme & Roy.”

    (the icon will display on your Alexa app, and you will need to click "enable")

  3. 3

    Monster meltdowns got your little ones down? Say, “Alexa, ask Esme and Roy for the Calm Down Song.

  4. 4

    Want to have a monster dance party? Say, “Alexa, ask Esme and Roy for a Monster Dance Party.

  5. 5

    Having trouble? Say, “Alexa, help,” at any point during the skill.