"Jonah, Sonny, Isreal, Moses, Manu""Jonah, Sonny, Isreal, Moses, Manu"

Episode 6

Much to his delight, Jonah is released from juvie. His group heads to the "Feel Da Beat" competition where they perform their song "Don't Be a Bully." The crew is devastated when they do not advance to the next round.

Jonah returns to Holy Cross and embraces his new "gangster" reputation. Jonah's disappointed to learn that his cousin Melody is dating George from the Soldierz. Even worse, his nemesis Graydon is dating his sister. Things are changing with school faculty as well; Lazarus House is shutting down and Mr. Joseph is being let go. At a school assembly, Kool Kris informs the rest of the school that Jonah and the boys will be integrated back into normal classes. Kris also recognizes the effort the boys put into their song in front of the entire school.

Six weeks later, Jonah has a new goal: to win a trip to visit NASA and to secure a record deal for Moses while he's in America. Jonah's taken an interest in art and thanks to some Photoshop work on Moses's new laptop computer, Rocky believes that Jonah is incredibly involved in the Holy Cross community. As a reward for his son's success, Rocky takes Jonah to Tonga to get the rest of his tattoo finished. Initially, Jonah is disappointed to see the phallic nature of the tattoo, but embraces the look when he learns it is Takalua tradition.