Jonah From TongaJonah From Tonga

Episode 5

Jonah adjusts very well to life in juvenile detention. He quickly becomes a leader of a group of inmates, practices his dance moves for the "Feel Da Beat" music contest, and creates a signature look and secret language.

Jonah is visited by Kool Kris and Mr. Joseph, who are both hopeful that the parole board will be lenient on Jonah, rather than convict him for armed robbery ? a serious crime that comes with a nine month jail sentence.

Father's Day arrives and Rocky visits Jonah. His trip is not without conflict, but Jonah is comforted by his friendly relationship with prison guard Therese Cooper, who reminds him of his late mother. When he finds out that Therese is being transferred to another facility, Jonah incites a riot. Kool Kris and Jonah's family arrive to learn that the parole hearing has been canceled. As Jonah lies in solitary confinement, his spirits are lifted when he hears his family singing outside of his window.