"Jonah, Manu, Moses, Isreal, Jerome""Jonah, Manu, Moses, Isreal, Jerome"

Episode 4

The boys arrive at Lazarus House to find guests in their class, visitors sent by the principal to assess the efficacy of Mr. Joseph's program. Mr. Joseph calls the process "just a f**king pain in the d*ck." He becomes even more frustrated when Jonah sabotages his attempts at a productive class.

Later that day, Jonah and the crew attempt to hold up the bowling alley with the machete that the Takalua boys received from the Soldierz. Their quest to obtain the golden bowling ball is quickly cut short by security, and the crew ends up in juvenile detention. There, Jonah attracts negative attention from fellow inmates.

Kool Kris visits and informs Jonah and Moses that Jonah will be incarcerated for a while due to his previous record. Jonah confesses to Kris why he was after the bowling ball ? he planned to melt it down to collect $10,000 and take Moses to America. Kris assures Jonah that the Soldierz are dangerous, and begs them to stay away. He also delivers good news: the boys have made it to the next round of "Feel Da Beat" and will perform in front of an audience.

Later, Jonah finds himself alone in a cell. He bonds with the prison guard Therese by opening up about his mother and telling some of his signature-style jokes.