Episode 3

After Mr. Joseph informs Rocky of his son's stunt at school, Jonah finds himself grounded. That doesn't stop him from leaving the house; Jonah sneaks out to go bowling with the crew. Jonah and Moses marvel at an ornamental bowling ball at the alley but their fun is interrupted when Rocky tracks Jonah down and makes a scene collecting his sons.

Back in art class, Jonah applies papier-m�ch� to his cousin Melody's body, pleased at the chance to get closer to her. When it's time for their counseling appointment with Kool Kris, the boys hide in the nurse's office, and Jonah bonds with a nun by rapping: "You are a nun, you look quite good in your hood." The whole crew arrives at the infirmary, complaining of food poisoning. Their evasion proves unsuccessful when Kool Kris finds them and reschedules their counseling session. The group meets later that day, and Kris inquires about the boys' troubled reputations. He encourages the crew to enter a "Feel Da Beat" music contest for a chance to win the grand prize: a trip to America to network with industry professionals. Jonah and the boys work with Kool Kris to craft their submission: a rap song with an anti-bullying message.�

Walking home from school, Jonah and Moses run into the Soldierz cruising around town with a machete. The Takalua boys accept a challenge to prove themselves, and are overjoyed to take the knife home as a reward. Jonah and Moses both agree they'll do whatever it takes to join the Soldierz.