Kool KrisKool Kris

Episode 2

Mr. Joseph is furious when he discovers a series of videos that Jonah and his friends made documenting themselves bullying other students- especially since Mr. Joseph has been fighting the principal to keep Lazarus House open. Mr. Joseph sends the boys to work with Kool Kris, a youth worker who focuses on singing and dancing. Kris invites Jonah and his friends to a dance crew demo at recess. The event turns sour when Graydon heckles Jonah about his moves. Jonah and his friends retaliate by welding shut Graydon's locker. Graydon goes straight to Mr. Joseph but gets no sympathy: "You know better than these f*cking idiots!"

During a "reading buddies" program, Jonah's little brother Moses is bullied by Graydon's younger brother. Later that day, Jonah and his friends round up a group of younger students, including Graydon's brother, and trap the kids between two soccer goals. Jonah demands the group eat dog sh*t, all while the crew records the stunt. Mr. Joseph breaks up the scene and tells Jonah he's had enough.