Episode 6

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald

It's Presentation Day, and Ja'mie has concocted a plan to avenge the administration for not naming her the Hillford Medalist. She tells her mother: "No one f*cks with me and gets away with it."

Eric Walker is honored at the ceremony while the prefects look on in disgust. After passing on her pin to the succeeding school captain, Ja'mie commandeers the microphone and tells the crowd why she was snubbed for the medal -- because the school's administration is racist. Mr. Hayes runs on stage to cut the announcement short. The junior and senior choirs begin performing Ja'mie's original song, while Madison takes control of the auditorium's AV cart to play the video of Ja'mie topless Skype session with Kwami. The prefects strip down to their underwear, while Ja'mie removes her bra and proclaims, "I'm learning to be me."

A month later, the girls have all been expelled from Hillford. Instead of completing year 12 again at another school, Ja'mie opts to do charity work in Africa. As she's about to board her plane, Ja'mie realizes that there's something more important than giving back -- it's love. She hops in a helicopter, flies past Kwami, and lands in the middle of Mitchell's sports practice. Ja'mie and Mitchell share a passionate kiss while the prefects rush the field in delight.

Six months later, Ja'mie and the rest of the prefects are attending public school. Ja'mie's broken up with Mitchell and has decided to date a girl named Astrid. Ja'mie is once again the most popular girl -- this time at her new school -- but she'll never forget her time at Hillford.