Episode 5

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald

Ja'mie makes her triumphant return to school and shows off her "rebel" makeover. Sadly, her comeback is overshadowed by a scandal when Ja'mie learns that Courtney hacked into her Facebook account and posted a video of a Skype session between Ja'mie and Kwami. The school administration isn't pleased with the contents of the video: Ja'mie's tits are out while wearing her Hillford uniform and singing the school song.

Ja'mie and Cody trek to Kwami's neighborhood so she can explain why her father kicked him out of the house. Kwami confesses his true feelings: He's in love with her. He won't take no for an answer, even as Ja'mie tells him why they'll never work as a couple. Proclaiming to be sick of the drama, Ja'mie says they shouldn't talk for a while.

The seniors enjoy Mark-Up Day, a celebration of their final hours at Hillford. The Kelton boys, including Mitchell, join in on the hoopla. Ja'mie's run-in with her ex gets random when he sends her a dick pic. Ja'mie lets Madison know her boyfriend is a slut. A humiliated Madison dumps Mitchell. The girls decide to forget about boys and get back together as besties.

However, all the fun is ruined when Ja'mie learns that Erin Walker has been chosen as both the recipient of this year's Hillford Medal and the dancer at Presentation Day. Aghast, Ja'mie confronts the administration. The school officials explain that Ja'mie's inappropriate video took her out of the running. Ja'mie knows the real reason she was overlooked for the accolades -- the racist administration disapproves of her interracial relationship. Mr. Hayes brushes off the theory and suggests she move on, but Ja'mie explains: "I'm a winner. I can't put this behind me."