Episode 4

After a week in full relationship mode, Ja'mie and Mitchell are in love, although trouble arises when Ja'mie farts in front of her beau. Things take a turn when Mitchell's Facebook status says he's hanging out with Ja'mie's best friend, Madison. Even worse: His relationship status says he's single.

The prefects confront Madison; she confirms that Mitchell's been two-timing -- he's hooked up with other girls and said that he and Ja'mie were never exclusive. Madison and Ja'mie face off and it gets ugly when Madison reveals her true feelings: "You're not that quiche, Ja'mie!" Mitchell admits to kissing Madison, solidifying that it's over between he and Ja'mie. Devastated, Ja'mie can't perform at her dance assessment and the prize for best dance is awarded to Erin Walker, the overweight boarder.

Ja'mie falls into a deep depression, skipping school and spending her days hiding under a blanket in bed. She is dreading showing her face at Hillford, until her gay bestie Cody has the brilliant idea to return reinvented. Cody, Ja'mie and her African houseguest Kwami start plans for a rebel makeover, and Ja'mie is jazzed for the most important comeback of her lifetime.