Episode 3

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald

It's important for the Hillford medalist to demonstrate Christian values, so Ja'mie kicks her charity work up a notch by inviting Kwami to participate in her "Boy in Need Is a Boy Indeed" program. He moves in with the Kings, attends Hillford, and is adopted into the prefects' clique.

That night, the Perfect Prefect Party finally gets underway. Everything is going swimmingly until Ja'mie gets word that the borders showed up uninvited. The prefects let the party crashers know they're not welcome. The confrontation escalates when Lauren calls Ja'mie fat, causing her break down in tears. Mitchell comforts her and the couple cozies up together. Ready for the next step, Ja'mie changes her Facebook status to make their relationship official. The prefects celebrate by jumping into the pool with their clothes on.