Mitchell and Ja'mieMitchell and Ja'mie

Episode 2

Ja'mie's "charity work" with the African boy, Kwami, takes a random turn when he sends her a dick pic. The girls don't let the picture distract from their top priority -- planning the Perfect Prefect Party.

In dance class, Ja'mie performs her solo. The routine is inspired by the plans she has for her gap year -- aid work in Africa and modeling. The best dance in the class will be performed in front of the whole school on presentation day. Ja'mie thinks she is basically locked to win, since the only real competition comes from Erin Walker, an overweight boarder who claims she saved her town from a flood.

Ja'mie gives another inspiring performance in choir, where she leads the class in a rendition of "Learning to Be Me," a song she wrote to commemorate her time at Hillford. After class, the Kelton boys sneak in and Ja'mie treats Mitchell to a private dance. The sexy routine is ruined when Ja'mie's sister, Courtney, secretly records the show, followed by Mr. Hayes reprimanding both girls