Episode 1

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald

Ja'mie King is the most popular girl at Hillford Girls Grammar. In addition to serving as School Captain, the 17 year old is leader of the prefects and "totally quiche" (definition: a step above hot). Ja'mie is also a shoo-in for the prestigious Hillford Medal, an award given to the top all-around girl in year 12. In honor of Hillford's centenary celebration, this year's winner will be immortalized in a bronze statue, and Ja'mie is already practicing her pose. As a self-proclaimed embodiment of Christian values, Ja'mie completes charity work by reading to less fortunate boys in the Western suburbs of Sydney. She also takes it upon herself serve as ambassador to rugby player Mitchell, the newest student at Kelton Boys Grammar, the male equivalent to Hillford. When sparks fly between Ja'mie and Mitchell, she decides to throw a party to get closer to him. She persuades her dad to let her hold the event at their house and gets even more good news -- Mitchell has accepted her Facebook friend request.