Hella Open Recap

Directed by Marta Cunningham
Written by Dayna Layne North

On the last episode of Insecure, Issa heard that Lawrence is really done with them, and she decides to move on by Tinder-ing. Meanwhile, Lawrence gets back in Tasha’s good graces after confessing to sleeping with Issa.

Let’s get into this episode.

Violation: Issa is at some random dude’s place, and as things starts to get racy, she keeps laughing. She’s not as ready to move on as she thinks because she asks to “do this” another time. The next day, she sees a “Noise Violation” note on her door from her apartment management company. Her cute next-door neighbor tells her it was a good party!

Wins?: The kids of East 41st Street are for real showing up to We Got Y’all’s tutoring program. It is packed! But Frieda notices that all the kids in the program are Black, and in a school that is 86% Latino, that’s a bit of a discrepancy. Mr. Gaines, the VP, seems to only be sending Black kids to their tutoring. Issa tells her not to try so hard to turn their wins into losses, cause this is a major win.

Mixing: At work, Lawrence and his co-workers are talking. One of them apparently slept with their weird co-worker who likes eating crickets, and they roast her. But pickings are slim in their field. They invite Lawrence to a tech mixer event on Saturday and he says he can’t go because he’s going to someone’s family barbecue. Oh? So, you’re escorting Tasha to a family event even though y’all ain’t official? OK den. This is the type of thing that makes me side-eye the hell outta him.

Lonely: Molly goes to buy a bookcase and when the CB2 guy sees a Black dude a few feet away, he assumes he’ll be helping her carry it. But no, she has to pick it up herself, in her 4 inch heels and get it into her own car. Meanwhile, that Black dude? He’s there to help his white woman partner with her stuff. Molly is feeling salty over this.

Heaux 101: Later on that night, Molly tells Issa she gotta find a new therapist because hers is basically too real for her. Molly ain’t here to do the real work. They’re trying to put together her bookcase and it’s not going well. Both of them are going through it. Issa’s rompfest isn’t going well because she’s anxious when it comes down to it. She asks her bestie for a certificate course in casual sexing. Molly’s almost offended, except she knows she’s the lady to do it.

At the club, Issa is striking out in all her awkwardness. I mean, she is failing. Molly, though, gets a sexy chocolate dude named Lionel to ask her for her number. She hands him her business card.

Steady: Lawrence and Tasha are in bed watching TV, and she’s shooting the breeze but he’s just interested in having sex. Hm. Seems he’s been opposite friend-zoned by her. He’s now less booty call and steadier bae. I mean, our girl even has on her night scarf. You don’t get to see that until we go together for real. I gotta be invested in you before you see that.

Batteries: Issa is at home and she brings out her dildo, since she’s striking out with human peens. Too bad she strikes out with the machine too cause the dildo’s battery dies as she’s about to get going. Where to get a new battery? Other gadgets in her house. She tries the home phone, the smoke detector, the flashlight. All those batteries are dead too. I’ma need her to Amazon Prime herself a pack because that’s not even safe. That smoke detector, especially.

Shade: Molly throws Travis mad shade at work when she mentions that she’s going to their Chicago office. He had it coming, doe, because he commented that he wishes he could get a Chicago vacation. So, that comment from her about him vacationing at work? Earned. I can’t stand his smug a**.

No Snitching: Joanne, the We Got Y’all boss, is pleased about the progress at East 41st Street. Issa lavishes in the praise and Frieda is not that happy about it. The pink elephant in the room is Mr. Gaines’ problematic behavior, but she ain’t no snitch so she doesn’t say anything.

Dipping Off: Tasha’s family barbecue is in effect and Lawrence shows up with the extra chairs she’s requested. He’s being asked to do all these different tasks. Like… you in, bruh. Whether you wanna be or not. You are the boyfriend. His co-workers text him from Startup Saturday and he tells Tasha he needs to go to a “work thing.” When he shows up to the mixer, his co-workers are excited about nighttime because that is when drunkenness and desperation take over. What that means? Hook-ups!

Fickle: Molly is on a date with Lionel. It’s going well and he shows her a picture of his niece, which makes her gush. She loves kids! He’s an entrepreneur who loves kids too, and he makes a statement about how they connect well. This dude even wishes he could fast forward to being settled down and married. Aw snap. Molly, get it!

Issa is at home trying to paint over the smoke spot when Molly calls her to talk about her date. It went well and he’s thoughtful, wants a relationship, makes good money and has a five-year plan. But seems he’s just going down a checklist. Issa turns the mirror to her friend and says that sounds like how she used to be. Come through, bestie reality-check. Still, doe. Molly, give him a chance.

Trying It: When Issa finishes painting the smoked wall, she looks up and sees the smoked ceiling. Ah, hell. She needs a distraction so she sees her cute neighbor from earlier. She unplugs an iPhone charger, changes her clothes and knocks on his door. She asks him if he left it during her party, and thirst recognizes thirst so he says he did and invites her in. Shoot your shot, den!

Tasha texts Lawrence, right as his work buddies are asking him his relationship status. He says “dating.” The waitress flirts with him and he throws his plans to leave to head back to the barbecue out the window. Because the dude is about as flaky as dandruff.

Issa and the neighbor are watching TV but what she really wants is to jump his bones, so she goes to kiss him after pumping herself up with a rap. Unfortunately, he wasn’t expecting it so they butt heads instead. He’s a good sport about it, doe, talmbout he likes it a little rough. And so it begins. At first it’s mad awkward, but finally, Issa gets on top and bliss. I laughed throughout the whole thing because bless Issa’s heart.

Lionel invites Molly to a concert and she declines. She’s at home sipping wine and watching the handymen she hired put her bookshelf together.

Truth: It’s nighttime and Lawrence is still at the mixer, buying drinks for folks and carrying on. Tasha calls him and he has to go outside to talk to her because it too loud in there to hear her. Where is he? Well his a** admits to her that he is still at the event and it’s less about work and more social. Plus, he’s drunk and he can’t drive at the moment. Bruh, then why even tell her you were coming to begin with? He then tells her he isn’t looking to be into something serious.

This is when Tasha’s chill goes out the window. Honestly, the woman has had the patience of Job up until this point. She goes awf on him and calls him the f**kboy I’ve believed him to be for a while. All that good dude-ness he gives himself credit for is not accurate. Thank you, Tasha. Thank you. She hangs up on him and he goes back in to the party.

Issa puts on her things and starts to leave. Homeboy invites her to stay over but she declines. Before she leaves, she takes her charger back. She checks her Tinder, cause she’s ready for more conquests.

So, let’s talk about Tasha and Lawrence. I am so glad she cussed him out. I am so glad she is fed up. Because that man doesn’t deserve her. In all her doe-eyed, quick to forgive, optimistic goodness. Lawrence does not need to leech her joy off her, and he’s been coming close. Honestly, if she even looks his way again, I’m gonna have to have an intervention for her. Like “Sis, nah.”

But, I am also side-eyeing Tasha, because why did she invite this non-committal goat to a function where her whole family would be? Why did she want to introduce him to the people closest to her when she doesn’t have a claim on him? Was she hoping it would spur him to get more serious? Nah, girl. That ain’t how we do that. Meeting family is taken so lightly and I just don’t understand. My Nigerian family would judge me from my head to my toe if I say, “This is just some guy. He’s not my boyfriend but I’ll be kissing him on the lips and sending him on errands.”

Tasha has given him too much access and he’s taken her for granted. There is a lesson here, doe: You are single and both of you are free of expectations and obligations until otherwise stated by both parties. All I know is, Lawrence is really a d**che.

— Luvvie Ajayi