In this groundbreaking special, investigative reporter Rose Cranberry explores the mysterious disappearance of 26-year-old LaToya Thompson.

Part 1

Rose Cranberry interviews those who are closest to LaToya, including a potential suspect who may have something to do with her disappearance.

Part 2

Rose Cranberry sits down with the lead detective on the case and later gets a juicy tip about LaToya’s “Cheddar Bae.”


We have reached the moment of truth. Rose Cranberry will finally reveal what really happened to LaToya Thompson.

A Timeline of Events

A chronological breakdown of what happened, starting with LaToya’s disappearance.

“A groundbreaking special about loss and hope.” A Critic
Black and Missing Foundation
Black and Missing Foundation, Inc.

The Black and Missing Foundation, a non-profit organization, bring awareness to the hundreds of thousands of missing brown and black men, women and children. Since its inception, the organization has supported and provided access to resources for thousands of families searching for missing loved ones. Visit BAMFI.ORG to join the movement to #HelpUsFindUs.

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