Step on set with the Insecure Season 3 blog, brought to you by the show's writers' assistant, Kindsey Young.
Meet Kindsey, Your Insecure Set 'Connect!'

Find out how Kindsey Young, the official blogger for Insecure Season 3, went from PA contest-winner to writers' assistant.

Premiering Ain't Easy

Kindsey Young breaks down the Season 3 premiere watch party for the cast, writers and crew.

Season 3 Episode 1
More Than Just a Couch

Kindsey breaks down how Insecure has used couches to show the highs and lows of Issa's late twenties.

Season 3 Episode 2
The Club Scene… Literally

Kindsey explains how the writers use their own experiences in order to “keep it real.”

Season 3 Episode 3
The Struggle Is Real

Everyone started somewhere… check out some of the odd jobs the crew of Insecure had before working on television sets.

Season 3 Episode 4
South of the 10, for the Win

Location, location, location... check out some of the L.A. spots “south of the 10” where Insecure has actually filmed.

Season 3 Episode 6
No New Friends

Is Tiffany’s baby bump causing a literal bump in the girls’ relationship?

Season 3 Episode 7
Mind Over Molly

Get more in tune with Molly as Kindsey Young shares her take on Molly’s choices… and her voices.

A Letter of Thanks

Why millennials are so thankful for a series like Insecure.

The ‘Who’ Behind the Headset

Get to know the hard-working production assistants from the third season of the show.

We Need to Talk About Kev’yn

Read about how this season’s show-within-a-show, Kev’yn, was created and learn more the three writers behind it.