Jesse: Week 2

While Paul searches for information about Parkinson's online, Jesse and Max pass each other in the landing, exchanging a look. During the session, Jesse reveals his plan to attend a summer arts program at RISD on his birth mother's dime, though he still hasn't called her back. Paul wants to talk through the process of how the call might play out, but Jesse gets upset and threatens to leave. Switching tracks, Jesse brings up the prank calls he's been receiving from a classmate named Nate, with whom he'd had a brief but secret fling. The conversation steers towards Max, and Paul is visibly uncomfortable. When Paul refuses to discuss his son in therapy, Jesse picks up a pair of brass booties Max wore as a child and mimes throwing them out the window. After Jesse settles down, Paul reveals that Jesse's parents have been paying for his therapy. Despite this, Jesse is convinced that Marisa looks at him like a stranger and that she doesn't love him. Leaving the session, Jesse tells Paul ominously that Max is in for a world of pain ahead of him.