Sunil: Week 2

On the phone, Paul argues with his ex-wife about the choice of school for Max. From the waiting room, Sunil overhears Paul refer to him as a patient, a word that makes him uncomfortable. At his grandchildren's insistence, Sunil has showered and looks slightly more presentable. He shows Paul a picture of Kamala, his dead wife and Paul agrees there is no timetable for grief. Sunil recalls his first time seeing Kamala, who was already arranged to be his wife, and notes she would disapprove of the way their grandchildren are being raised. Switching tracks, Sunil tells Paul about an incident that morning, in which Sunil and Julia ran into each other wearing only their towels. Sunil believes Arun's life is being dictated by Julia, but Paul suggests Sunil has a tendency to project his own complaints onto others. He wants Sunil to express his anger in a more direct manner. Sunil tells a story of being more confrontational with Arun, when he voiced doubts about his son marrying Julia during their first visit to Calcutta. Upset, Arun accused his father of bring jealous for choosing duty and a loveless marriage over passion. Their father-son relationship cooled after that, and the next and final time Arun visited Calcutta to see his dying mother, Kamala made him promise to bring Sunil to New York. Sunil would like to go back, but he can't. He has no money of his own, having spent it to care for Kamala. When Sunil leaves, he forgets his picture of Kamala on the couch.