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S3 Ep 4: Adele: Week 1

In the waiting room of another therapist's office, Paul makes plans with his younger girlfriend Wendy. Turning around, he's surprised to see the therapist, Adele, waiting. Paul sizes her up; she's attractive, considerably younger than he is and keeps her office very bright. He makes it clear that he's only there to receive a prescription for Ambien. When Adele wants to dig a little deeper, Paul grows impatient, commenting on her age and reiterating that he is not interested in resuming treatment. Adele takes note when Paul mentions his former therapist Gina and the several roles she played in his life. Paul alludes to a recurring dream, but prefers not to share it, opting to discuss his patients instead. Frances's test for the breast cancer gene has gotten him thinking about Parkinson's. When Adele wants to press further, Paul refuses, insisting he's been over this territory with Gina, one of the best analysts on the East Coast, and he doesn't want to go over it again. Adele counters that Gina was his teacher, supervisor, analyst and couples counselor, implying she played more roles than is customary for a top therapist. Paul snaps, challenging Adele's level of experience and suggesting she's in no position to question his treatment. After he calms down, Adele asks how it feels to read Gina's novel, which she spotted next to him on the couch. When Paul reveals he sometimes feels oppressed by the artifice of the therapeutic process, Adele presses him to elaborate, and Paul talks about his patients and how frustrating their lack of progress can be. She writes him the requested prescription but not before positing that his dream somehow involves being trapped; Paul insists it doesn't. He returns home and finds his son Max waiting for him on the stoop, prepared to move in with him.