Frances: Week 7

Paul leaves messages for both Sunil and Julia but gets no response. In Frances's session, she wants to know if Paul approves of her actions. She relays how she was taking care of Tricia, sharing childhood memories, when here sisterwoke up in intense pain, and in a panic, Frances called the paramedics despite Tricia's stated wish to die at home. With Tricia now in the hospital in a near-vegetative state, unlikely to ever return home, Izzy is furious with her mother. Frances presents Paul with Tricia's living will, which names Frances as the one responsible for end-of-life decisions. Now Frances is faced with the decision to take her sister off the respirator and feeding tube, creating additional tension with Izzy. Even though the will clearly states that Tricia does not wish to be kept alive artificially, and only asks for maximum pain relief, Frances doesn't want to starve her sister to death or lose the only person who grounds her. Frances is at a crossroads; she's been getting good reviews in the play, but it won't be extended past its original limited run. She needs a constant in her life and asks Paul if he'll be there for her. He promises he will, but presses again about why Frances chose to see him of all therapists. Frances admits Paul represents a connection to her sister, possibly her final one. As she gets up to leave, Frances wants to know one last thing. Was Paul ever in love with Tricia? "I cared about her a great deal," Paul responds. "She was a striking woman." Frances agrees.