Sunil pointing at PaulSunil pointing at Paul

Sunil: Week 7

Trying desperately to reach Arun, Paul finds out that Sunil has been put in jail. He pays him a visit and through the glass, his patient reveals that Paul's call to Julia resulted in his deportation. Immediately after speaking to Paul, Julia called Arun and then the police, telling both she feared for her safety. When the police arrived, Sunil refused to present his papers, ensuring he'd be arrested and eventually sent home. Paul pieces together that Sunil had set all this in motion during their therapy sessions. "My son would never let me leave," he explains. Realizing that he's been deceived, Paul angrily demands to know what parts of their sessions were true. Most of what they discussed had indeed happened, but certain elements, like the dream with the dark-haired woman, were fictitious. Sunil thanks Paul for being a good friend to him, which causes Paul to snap, "I meant to be your therapist, not your good friend." Calmly, Sunil recounts many instances when Paul acted more as a companion than a doctor, such as letting him smoke, drinking tea, discussing their wives. When Paul revealed what it would take to breach a patient's confidentiality, Sunil hatched his plan. Now, he will no longer be a nuisance in his son's home. He has no plans for how he'll live in Calcutta, but is sure he'll get by. The one thread that was entirely true in their sessions, Sunil says, was the story with Malini. He only left out one detail -- Malini had been pregnant; she killed herself to avoid shaming Sunil and his family. Sunil thanks Paul for being a good therapist and a good man. He hopes Paul can one day forgive him.