S3 Ep 22: Frances: Week 6

Adele wakes up alone. While having her morning coffee she leaves a message for Paul offering him an additional appointment during the week. Frances arrives at her session looking haggard. She asks Paul for something to eat, but he refuses her. She told Izzy about the results of the BRCA1 test and instead of being happy for her, Frances says Izzy called her a narcissist—something she accuses Paul of calling her as well. After opening night, Tricia called Frances thinking she was dying; Frances rushed over to find Tricia lying on the floor, covered in her own urine. As Frances cared for her sister, feeding her and bathing her, Tricia kept apologizing. The sisters laid together in bed, gossiping and before falling asleep, Tricia reached for Frances and said, "I love you." Tricia woke up a short while later with a stabbing pain in her stomach, hallucinating that Frances was her mother. After racing her to the hospital, Frances felt pushed aside as the nurses questioned why she had waited to bring Tricia in. Later the doctor told Frances that it was time to start hospice care. Frances is thinking about quitting the play to spend time with Tricia but Paul is a little skeptical about Frances's rash decision, just as Izzy was. Suddenly, Izzy knocks at the door with news that Tricia is in bad shape. As Frances leaves the session, Paul and Izzy size each other up.