S3 Ep 15: Jesse: Week 4

Jesse arrives at his session with a letter he received from his birth father Kevin, who married his mother Karen. The letter reveals that Karen gets depressed around Jesse's birthday and would like for Jesse to get in touch with them. Paul notices that Jesse's attitude towards his birth parents has shifted. After telling Marisa that he was going to live with Karen a week earlier, now Jesse calls them "pathetic" and says their actions are "inappropriate." Marisa reacted to the news about Jesse's birth mother contacting him by slipping into a quiet depression, while Roberto exploded with anger and threatened to call the police, a reaction that made Jesse feel "f--king awesome." He reads Paul a formal letter he has written to Kevin, asking him to refrain from future contact. Upon examination, Jesse is struck and a little freaked out by how similar Kevin's handwriting is to his own. Paul suggests there might be a part of Jesse that's interested in starting a relationship with his birth parents, but the teenager is afraid of upsetting Marisa and Roberto. Paul advises Jesse to wait a week before sending the letter, and Jesse agrees, leaving it with Paul for safekeeping.