S3 Ep 14: Frances: Week 4

Paul's daughter Rosie comes to visit and reveals that Max and Steve have actually been getting along quite well, contrary to the impression Max has given Paul. Frances arrives for her session with a new look - to help her get into character. Surviving the past week's preview performance without issue, hasn't eased her anxiety. She offers Paul tickets to opening night, but he refuses them out of policy. When Paul probes about why she didn't ask Patricia, Frances reports that, acting on Paul's advice, she apologized to her sister for telling her not to be an actress. Patricia, who barely remembers the slight, says she is glad to have lived a "real life," a judgment Frances finds hurtful. She discusses feeling inadequate around Russell and his intellectual friends, and reports that she's still reading Izzie's emails - including one where she described Frances as "amazing," a compliment Frances dismisses. Frances finally admits she wishes she could invite her mother to her opening, who used to attend many of her shows, even when she was terminally ill. She recounts the last time she saw her mother was at a glamorous premiere in New York that Frances arranged for her to attend. This contradicts the story Frances had told Paul, and had been telling herself, about her frequent visits to the hospital in her mother's last days. In truth, after the premiere, her mother's health declined sharply and Frances felt Patricia blamed her for it and never made it back to Baltimore until after she'd passed away. Paul speaks firmly with Frances, telling her that it was her own fear that kept her from visiting her mother. After she leaves, Frances knocks on the door to tell Paul she's received the results of the breast cancer gene test, but hasn't opened them yet.