Sunil: Week 4

Paul helps Max with his homework, though his son remains somewhat cool to him. Sunil, clearly agitated, arrives for his session. He hands Paul Julia's birth control pills, which he took from her study and considers to be proof of an affair with Ethan Barr. When Paul suggests that Sunil is speculating, Sunil gets upset with him. He shares a vivid dream he's had, in which he feels intense anxiety over something that he's buried, though he doesn't know what it is and admits to wandering the house at night, watching its inhabitants sleep, particularly Julia. Sunil fondly recalls his relationship in university with Malini and his distress when she announced one day she could no longer see him because they were from different social castes. Soon after, she jumped from a bridge and drowned; after a brief discussion with the police, Sunil never spoke of her again. Paul suggests a connection between Sunil's time with Malini and the extreme feelings that Arun and Julia's relationship evokes for him. He thinks the dream is, in some way, about Malini. Before Sunil leaves, Paul tells him to call if he has any disturbing thoughts.