Sunil: Week 1

Paul searches the Internet for information about Parkinson's disease. Arun and Julia, a professional-looking couple, arrive in his waiting room. Waiting outside is Arun's middle-aged father, Sunil, who is going to be Paul's patient. During the awkward first session, Sunil is mostly silent, save for a few comments to Arun in Bengali. Five months earlier, Sunil had moved in with Arun's family, after the passing of his wife, Kamala. She had made Arun promise that he would take care of his father after her death. Now Sunil seems to be depressed in his son's home, under the watchful eye of his daughter-in-law. When Arun and Julia leave the session, Sunil opens up slightly. He thinks therapy is for people with severe psychological issues. Making an exception to his rules, Paul allows Sunil to smoke during the session. Sunil states his concern that Julia is contaminating Arun. Even though she gives Sunil his allowance and pays for his treatment, he doesn't trust her. His son has been prescribing him medication, but Sunil hasn't been taking it. He admits to missing his wife and his life in India -- as a math professor in India, he finds it difficult to quantify the grieving process.