Walter: Week 2

Paul's daughter Rosie visits him in Brooklyn, concerned about his law suit and that he's lonely living in New York. When Walter arrives for his session, he's convinced that Paul must have read about him by now — his company has made it from the business section to the front of the paper, thanks to a woman reporter at the NY Times who Walter's wife Connie thinks has it out for Walter. But Walter and the Donaldsons (the family that owns his company) are convinced there's a Judas at the company, leaking misinformation to the journalist. Walter appears more concerned about the effects of the news on Connie, the Donaldsons and his daughter Natalie, than on his own reputation. When Paul asks about his collapse the week before, Walter insists they're not panic attacks but admits he had another one this week in the elevator at work. As Paul probes what may have triggered it, Walter mentions that the security guard he always says hello to before getting on the elevator died that week — "disappeared." When Paul learns Walter has had the episodes since he was a kid, Paul presses for more, and Walter traces his first attack to after his older brother drowned at 16, before going off to Yale. Paul sees a connection between Walter's fear that his daughter Natalie will disappear with and what happened to his brother (who seemed to just vanish) and the security guard — that Walter doesn't trust that people who leave will ever come back. But Walter isn't interested in digging into the psychology of the attacks; as he leaves, he says he'd prefer to have Paul discuss his theory with Walter's doctor to see if there's any medication he can take.