Oliver: Week 2

Oliver and Paul talk while Bess and Luke wait to be invited in. Oliver says he doesn't want to talk about school because all of his teachers hate him because he falls asleep all of the time. He insists his classes are boring, including Humanities where they are reading 'Lord of the Flies.' Oliver insists you don't need to crash on an island for kids to be mean. He pulls a turtle in a Tupperware container, out of his backpack, explaining it's a dumb assignment in which each student has to take care of a turtle. Paul notes that Oliver is carrying all of his books around, even though he's been staying at his mom's, and that he's still tired at school, even though he'd said it was his father's place where he couldn't sleep. He presses the boy about whether he's having trouble sleeping at his mother's as well, because of stress or anxiety. Oliver admits he can't talk to his parents about how he's feeling because they just get upset and argue with each other. For instance, they fought that day because Oliver's not healthy. The discussion turns to the fact that the kids at school call him "Piggy," and one bully in particular, named Eric, actually peed on Oliver when he was hiding behind a bush at a classmate's Bat Mitzvah. Paul invites Oliver's parents in and guides them in explaining to Oliver that they're getting a divorce, but it's not because of him. When they get upset trying to explain things, Oliver asks to leave. Paul excuses him so he can get on the same page with Bess and Luke. As the couple continues to argue, Paul stresses that their discord is taking a toll on the boy. Bess takes this to mean that they shouldn't divorce — for Oliver's sake — and Luke is forced to tell her that he's seeing someone else. Furious, Bess packs Oliver up to take him home — over Luke's objections that it's his night with the boy. But Oliver opts to go with his father, and the three of them head out, discordant, but together. After they're gone, Paul discovers the turtle has been left behind.