April stares on couchApril stares on couch

April: Week 2

April arrives at her session, furious. Her iPhone has died in the middle of a call and she asks Paul if she can use his phone. He resists, suggesting it's not the best use of her time and presses April for why she's so angry. She tells him she told Kyle (her ex) she has cancer and he told his socialite girlfriend Sienna Newhouse (even though she asked he not tell anyone), who offered to pay for her treatment. April is convinced Kyle betrayed her trust, knowing she'd cut them both off and he wouldn't have to "deal with" her. Paul gives in and lets April use his phone. After making her call to Sienna, she tells Paul how after sharing an intimate evening with Kyle last week, he told her he was engaged and she told him she has cancer. Paul's phone rings and April sees that it's Kyle. Paul ignores the call and continues to press April on how she pushes people away, not letting anyone help her. She admits that when things were going well with Kyle, she slept with his best friend, and told Kyle, knowing he'd be unable to forgive her. Now that she's told him about the cancer, he's been calling every day, asking to let him take her to the doctor. Paul pushes her on her lack of self-care, saying he talked to an oncologist friend who stressed the need for immediate treatment. Furious that he talked to someone about her, even anonymously, she gets Paul to promise he will never talk to anyone about her again; Paul agrees, but only if April promises to come and talk to him at least once more if she decides to discontinue therapy. They part on their agreement.