Paul Weston gestures for Mia to sitPaul Weston gestures for Mia to sit

Mia: Week 2

Mia has a session with Paul to apologize for her unprofessional behavior from the week before, acknowledging she intercepted his file when his attorney couldn't be there, in order to surprise and needle him. She reveals she's been having a year-long affair with her boss Bennet, who's married. Mia thought he'd leave his wife, but he didn't and she evades Paul's question about what happened, telling him instead he needs to pick out a mate for her because he "owes" her. Mia turns the tables on Paul, asking him if he had an affair with his patient and this time it's his turn to not answer. As she continues to reveal bits of her story through a bitter commentary on her life, Mia tells Paul she was trying to get pregnant with Bennet but last week her doctor told her that her window for conceiving was closing. When she learned this, she drove to Bennet's house to demand they see an infertility specialist and he broke things off with her. Mia accuses Paul of having talked her into her abortion twenty years ago; Paul suggests Mia may have come to him now as a way to better understand that decision. The only other person Mia told about the pregnancy then was her father, who took her to the abortion appointment. When Paul wonders why she felt so supported by her father (who scheduled the abortion) but blames Paul, she defends her father, explaining they've always been close. She tells Paul another story of a childhood secret with her father, but then shuts down, insisting she didn't come for therapy. Paul tries to convince her that she did, and that they should continue — she herself said he owed her. On her way out the door, Mia clarifies that she meant Paul owes her a child. Shaken by her accusation, Paul pulls out her old file and listens to an old cassette tape of Mia playing Chopin.