Gina: Week 1

Paul commutes down from New York to Maryland via Amtrak to see his kids for the weekend and pays a visit to Gina to suss out what she might say in a deposition for the malpractice suit against Paul. She assures him she doesn't see him as responsible for Alex's death but admits he didn't talk about him that much in their supervision until after he'd died. They're interrupted by one of Gina's patients, Tammy Meswick, who Paul recognizes as his "first love" Tammy Kent. Paul is interested to learn that Gina is seeing patients again; Gina, for her part, is surprised to learn he's moved to Brooklyn and the kids and Kate are still in Maryland. As they discuss Alex, Paul admits he's sick of listening to people's problems. Gina offers him a drink and as the two sip their vodkas, Paul asks for help sorting out his feelings about Alex. When he gets upset about his new patient April, expressing his desire to take her to chemotherapy, Gina grows alarmed that his unresolved anger is making him cross boundaries. Acknowledging that his need to save people may be about his mother, Paul asks Gina if she'd take him on — not for supervision, but therapy — and she agrees.


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