Walter: Week 1

CEO Walter Barnett comes to see Paul at his wife Connie's insistence, complaining of insomnia. He is surprised that Paul doesn't know who he is, given that his company has been in the business pages a lot lately. Walter explains that he has tried Xanax and Ambien (getting the prescriptions from his family doctor and putting them in his wife's name so they couldn't be traced to him) but he needs to be alert. Impatient, the CEO demands Paul's gut diagnosis of Walter's sleep problem. Paul explains therapy takes time and tries to engage him in conversation about his work and family to pinpoint when the problem started. Walter talks about his daughter Natalie who's much younger than his two sons who are already out on their own; she's spending her junior year working at a rape crisis center in Rwanda. Reading Paul an email he got from Natalie the night before, Walter insists it's a cry for help and he should go bring her home. When Paul disagrees, Walter gets enraged and as he rises to go, collapses, scaring Paul. Walter recovers and staggers out, over Paul's objections, insisting he has these attacks all the time and they go away.


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