Gina: Week 7

Paul is late to his session and Gina waits impatiently, annoyed he hasn't checked in. He finally arrives and comments on her attire—she looks like she's got a date. But he predicts she wouldn't tell him if she did because she has strict rules about boundaries. Gina lets his comment hang. Paul sets his phone on the coffee table: He's waiting for a call from his lawyer. Paul decided not to send the letter and told his lawyers to proceed with the case. The hearing was this morning, but he overslept. Gina picks up on this, but Paul refuses to consider why he missed the hearing. Paul remarks on her dress again, recalling seeing her in a similar color one summer when he was her grad student and he saw her out with David. She asks what it is he's avoiding talking about tonight, but the phone rings. It's his lawyer, Ellis, reporting that the judge threw the case out. Gina congratulates him and asks how it went with his patients this week. He admits that her suggestion that he "act as if" actually worked. He got through to Walter and Luke... though April and Oliver left. They discuss why, and Paul admits that though he's concerned, he's proud of April for recognizing that she needs all her energy to fight the cancer, and he actually understood that. Finally Paul comes clean: He's decided to leave therapy. Gina, disappointed that they're here again, pushes to make sure he understands why he's leaving. Could he be abandoning her because two of his patients abandoned him this week? He sees that as reductive; it's simply that the way they interact is unhealthy. Gina posits that she has come to represent everything Paul struggles with in his work as a therapist; she's the boundary police. Paul insists it's time he stopped beating her up for it, making her play his mother: He's not running away, he's moving out to make his way in the world. Gina asks if he's met someone, and Paul tells of an intriguing woman he met in a bookstore. As they say goodbye for the last time, Gina notes that she's supposed to say her door is always open, but she's not going to this time. With nothing more to say, the two part ways.