Oliver: Week 7

Bess has insisted Oliver come to their last visit with Paul before they move up to Bard, but Oliver refuses to talk to him, opting to remain in the waiting room while Bess and Paul talk in his office. Bess is surprised Paul wasn't more sympathetic to her situation, since he's been through a divorce himself; she also knows from Oliver that he asked to come live with Paul. They are interrupted by Luke, who's been at the apartment packing and suddenly felt the need to talk. He joins them, and Bess and Luke share a memory of their early days when they first moved into that apartment when Oliver was a baby. It's a bittersweet moment as the couple, finally at ease, acknowledge they just weren't right for each other. Paul urges them to build on this acceptance and work together to help Oliver through this tough time. Bess leaves, and Luke continues to talk to Paul about feeling like a failure as a father. Paul reminds him that no matter what mistakes he's made with his son so far, Oliver still needs and loves his father—Luke just needs to show up for him going forward. As he leaves, Luke convinces Oliver to take a few minutes to say goodbye to Paul, while he waits outside. The boy finally agrees, and Paul apologizes to Oliver for letting him down but assures him he'll always be available for Oliver to talk. Paul has them roll play a phone call, coaxing Oliver to tell him about his new home and school. After they "hang up," Oliver apologizes for getting angry at Paul but refuses his offer to stay and talk longer... his father is waiting, so Oliver says his goodbye and leaves.