S2 Ep 3: Oliver: Week 1

Sixth-grader Oliver sits with Paul in his office while they wait for Oliver's mother Bess to return from the deli and for his father Luke to arrive. Oliver suggests they play Black Jack to bide the time and chides Paul for not knowing the rules. When Oliver demands to know why he's there, Paul discovers that Oliver's parents haven't explained they're getting a divorce. All the boy knows is that his dad moved out and Oliver doesn't like staying at his dad's new place on the Upper East side — it's too far, there's no food and he can't sleep when his dad's friends come over. Bess returns with a snack for her son and makes several digs about her estranged husband's tardiness and "freshman dorm"-like living situation. When Luke shows up, apologetic, Paul sends Oliver outside while he talks to his parents alone. The couple are stunned to learn Oliver doesn't understand they're divorcing and bicker over who's to blame. Paul also lays out Oliver's concerns about staying with Luke and the two continue to argue until Paul gets them to agree the focus needs to be on Oliver. When the boy is invited back in, Paul coaches him to express his concerns to his father, but even when Luke agrees to buy groceries and not have his friends over, Oliver refuses to go home with him. Luke leaves, angry, and Bess takes Oliver home.