Oliver: Week 6

Bess and Luke ask to speak to Paul alone before their session with Oliver and immediately begin arguing over Bess's "big news": she's accepted an assistant professorship at Bard College and has to move upstate in two weeks. Luke accuses her of using it as an excuse to take Oliver away, and Paul is concerned about the impact of uprooting Oliver from his school and home. Bess finally blurts out that she agrees; what she wants is for Oliver to live with Luke until June at which time they can reassess. But Luke has to come clean: he and Oliver have been at each other's throats the two weeks she was away; he doesn't think they can live together full time. Paul loses his temper, pointing out that neither one of them wants to deal with their son and orders them to come to a compromise for Oliver's sake. But he's not pleased with the plan they agree to: Oliver and Bess will move in two weeks, and Luke will fetch him on the weekends. They insist it's the only solution and bring the boy in to break the news. Oliver is devastated. He doesn't want to move and leave his things, his school or his home. Bess immediately caves and says she knew it was a bad idea; Luke should move back into their old place with Oliver instead. But Oliver doesn't want to live with his father, who's been drinking again. Luke and Bess erupt into another fight, and Oliver bolts, running outside as Paul, Luke and Bess chase after him. They catch up to Oliver at a nearby playground, and Paul talks to him alone while Bess and Luke wait nearby. Oliver asks if he can come live with Paul, and Paul has to delicately but firmly refuse, assuring the boy they can remain friends and continue to talk. Rejected, Oliver shuts down and, certain he's never going to see Paul again since he's moving away, walks off to find his parents.